I have frizzy hair. Sometimes it is curly. Other times it is wavy. Most of the times it just out-of-control frizzy. Add to that the fact that I live in Cape Town and you will know that winters are a nightmare for me. I recently got a Brazilian blowout and let’s just say I am wearing hats and beanies a lot less than previous winters!

I absolutely loved the entire experience and will support this small business owner as much as I can. Problem for her is that I will only need a Brazilian every 4 months. 

Most of us small business owners are in the same boat; we don’t supply a product or service you need on a monthly basis. Think about jewelry pieces, beautiful leather handbags and wedding vendors. For us the biggest challenge is to continuously create awareness regarding our products and brands.

But the fantastic news is that you can still help us without spending a cent! With Facebook, it is as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Comment on our posts regularly, even if it is just an emoji.
2. Share our posts on your own wall. Tagging friends that might be interested in what we offer is even better!
3. Instead of “liking” our posts, show some “love” or “wow”. 

On behalf of all small business owners, thank you for your support!