When my Mom turned 60 I wanted to bake her a cake.

After some online searching I decided on a layered vanilla and red velvet cake with a cream cheese frosting. It looked both beautiful and easy to make. I’m definitely not Buddy the cake boss! 

Now I know that baking red velvet cakes can be a bit tricky so I cheated (a lot) and bought pre-made batters from a local baking supply shop.  Everything went smoothly until I started to assemble the layers. By the time I had all four layers on top of each other and iced, the cake started to pull a Tower of Pisa on me. The entire family, including my Mom, entered cake rescue mode but nothing we tried worked. In the end we broke the cake into chunks, placed it on a plate, covered it with lots of frosting and called it the Rocky Road Cake. 

Even though it looked nothing like my original idea, the cake was delicious, my Mom loved it and it was most definitely unique. 

The entire experience reminded me of family photo sessions.  As photographers we always go into a session with an idea of what images we would like to create for our clients. We create mental lists of poses and compositions we want to use during the session.  But with children, those lists really mean nothing. They won’t smile when you want them to and they will probably run around in stead of sitting still. They decide what will happen and they also decide when they had enough. As photographers and parents we just need to roll with the punches and try and get the most we can out of the session. 

That is also the beauty of photographing children. Their emotions are honest and the moments are real. They probably won’t give you the images you had in mind, but the images will be unique. Years later you will look back at these and you will see how their personalities came through from day one.

And isn’t that a lot more special than having a set of photos where they are sporting fake smiles?  Just like having a “Rocky Road Cake” for your 60th.

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