Apart from the birthday boy/girl, the cake is probably the most important aspect of the Cake Smash session. 

Here are some tips to pick the perfect cake for your session:

  1. It must be cute and fit in with your theme. 
  2. Stick to vanilla cake. Chocolate and red velvet cake can very easily look like blood or … – I think you know what I mean and I don’t have to say anything else! 
  3. Soft icing. Butter cream is the best! It is soft and perfect for little hands to make a mess with. Once again, stay away from red or brown icing.
  4. Use only edibles. Stay away from using toothpicks or anything sharp and not edible when decorating the cake, we don’t want any accidents!
  5. Food allergies. Chances are high that your baby has not had cake before and we do not want to run into a medical problem on the day of the Cake Smash. It would be ideal to give your little one a cupcake in the week leading up to the session so that we can eliminate any ingredients your little one is allergic to.

Do you want some great news?

If you book a Cake Smash session with Michelle Koekemoer Photography you don’t have to worry about the first four on that list! Our cake smash package includes the cake and we will take care of it all.