The very first thing I will ask you when you are ready to book a Cake Smash session with me is do you have a colour scheme or theme in mindSo how do you pick one?

Sometimes it’s simple – little Kiah Rose loves Peppa Pig so we created a set-up for her based around Peppa, we even added some plush toys we found. I think using something your child loves as a base for the theme is a great way to personalise your session.

Maybe you want to print some of the images and use it as decor in your house or in your little ones room? Then I would suggest using a colour that will fit in with the current decor. 

Whatever theme or colour scheme you select, we will create a beautiful set-up for you and it will be a fun way to celebrate this important day. But to make things even easier, we are working on creating a catalog of themes that you can just select from.

So watch this space and let us know in the comment section if there is a theme you would like to see in our list.