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Kairo – Cape Town cake smash photographer

Omphile – Cape Town paint splash photographer

I love clients who embrace new ideas! When Kamo phoned me to schedule a session to take photos of her little boy for his second birthday,  I pitched an idea to her. One she was just as excited about as we were!

By now you all know how much I love cake smashes. But it simply does not work that well with bigger children, so we came up with a plan for those aged between 2 and 6 years old.

A PAINT SPLASH – because what toddler does not love creating a colorful mess, right? We give them some paint and a small canvas and allow them to go wild – sometimes even the balloons are turned into a piece of art. 

Have a look at some of my favorite images from our session with little Omphile. 

Kiah Rose – Cape Town cake smash photographer

Little Kiah Rose loves Peppa Pig so it was an obvious choice when Mommy had to decide on a theme for her Cake Smash session. We were very lucky to find some Peppa Pig soft toys even though brother George is still MIA. And how cute is that outfit Caren organized for her? 

THIS moment below was such a special one – Kiah decided to take her first steps in studio, there may happy squeals and a round of applause 🙂 

I love the following four images, it’s such a great example of how differently children react to the cake in front of them. Some dive in; others need some time. But after we handed her some spoons to use, she was much happier.

And on this note, we will wave goodbye until the next post. Have a good weekend!


Caleb – Cape Town cake smash photographer

Mommy wanted a safari theme, Daddy wanted Mickey Mouse. And the rest, as they say, is history!

Caleb took some time to get into the cake smashing, but once we gave him wooden spoons to attack the cake with, he created a fabulous mess. Normally we give the leftover cake to the parents to take home but this time there wasn’t anything left to give 🙂 

Gianni – Cape Town cake smash photographer

Gianni’s mom asked us for a rainbow themed cake smash to celebrate his first birthday. This colourful set-up really suited his enthusiastic personality – just look how he attacked that cake! 

He also kept us rather busy by bumping and kicking balloons and crawling all over the place and it was so cute how he was more interested in washing the studio floor than himself during the bubble bath part.

I hope you enjoyed your birthday, little one!